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SauroDreams: Tyrannosaurus-Rex V86.9 (HUGE OVERHAUL)

By Locster60

It's Tyrannosaurus-Rex, and the King has returned once again for another test level update. And new surprise, HUMANS YOU CAN EAT have been added! Tips and hints have been introduced to the level too.
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SauroDreams: Tyrannosaurus-Rex V86.9

GENERAL: -EATABLE HUMANS HAVE BEEN ADDED! -Consumable Archwry Humans have been added -Total Physics cost has been cut down to less than half -Healing by consumption has been added -Small pond to show Swimming Logic hass been added(WIP) -Text bubbles for explanations of the human consumables has been added -Sun placment changed for better lighting -Grass and terrain has more detail with less spaces -Terrain has been straightened -Nest was moved -Editable Parrot on pond log has been added -New intro animation -Ambiance noise added

APPEARANCE: -ENTIRE BODY ACCURATE OVERHAUL(again) -Completely new Skin colors -Leg musculature is increased/less chunkiness -Talons have been refined and dont appear as messy -Arms don't clip through the body -Head is more reminiscent of that of Tristan

ANIMATION: -Head no longer tucks in while speed walking -Body Swipe has been changed to Tail Slap

STATS: -Tail slap randomly does light damage to yourself -Primary attack no longer kills with the head -Primary Attack damage durstion decreased -Talons do ******* damage to dummies -Critical Panic speed and acceleration is increased -Head no longer does damage during Tail Swipe

SOUNDS/EFFECTS: -Footprints(WIP) -Breathing SFX has been added back -NEW DEATH ANIMATION(bite yourself) -Head movement slows while in Bird's Eye View -Breath movement removed while in Bird's Eye View -Stepping rumble lowered -Heartbeat rumble greatly decreased to help controller battery life


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