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SauroDreams: Tyrannosaurus-Rex V12.3

By Locster60

Take control of the King of prehistoric North America! The Tyrannosaurus-Rex is back and more badass than ever! New animations, balances, and effects!
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SauroDreams: Tyrannosaurus-Rex V12.3

APPEARANCE: -ENTIRE BODY ACCURATE OVERHAUL -Addition of secondary ribcage -Shortened/muscled tail -Tail has a rojnded end now -Completely new Skin pattern -Leg musculature is increased/less chunkiness -Talons are shorter with slightly flattened ends -Arms are more muscled -Sacrum is lowered and more pronounced -Head is more reminiscent of that of Scotty and Sue

ANIMATION: -Head tucks in a bit while speed walking and -Foot is lifted and talons are relaxed while walking -Tail sway is slightly decreased -Jaw gape is slightlt decreased -Accurate bellow bow has a keyframe -Bite animation has been refined due ti head shape and posture adjustments -Sleep animation has been adjusted with ***** new placements

STATS: -Weight has been increased -Tail **** does more damage to youreself due to injuring if in a real life situation -Primary attack has been sped up slightly -Primary attack damage increased slightlt -Talons do damage while walking(for fighting dummies in the future) -Overall speed has been decreased by 0.8 -Critical Panic(low health/droopy) damage is decreased further(0.4%) -Critical Panic speed and acceleration is increased -Tail **** head damage decreased

SOUNDS/EFFECTS: -Default Roar now rumbles controller -Victory Roar only rumbles user's controller in order to not reveal your feat when full RPG is out -Added sounds to Accurate Bellow(about half are too low to hear, but Dogs react to it slightly if loud enough) -Accurate Bellow hearing range increased greatly -Talons open and close depending on stepping or lifting foot -Breathing SFX has been removed due to glitching when sleeping -Head movement decreased while in Bird's Eye View -Breathing decreased while in Bird's Eye View -Crouch lowers head more -Ambush speed slightly decreased(crouch for 10 secs) -Stepping rumble slightly decreased Overall Badassery has been increased GREATLY!


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