The Cheese

By ninjuana

  • EpicNTheFaded
    EpicNTheFaded left some feedback
    7 months ago
    Who knew that a simple block of cheese could be so much fun. However, I did find an exploit. If you spam square while on the gas, it does things.
  • RoXeUr-KaMiKaZe
    RoXeUr-KaMiKaZe left some feedback
    9 months ago
    Still the best sensation of speed on it.I really take the Cheese car as the Best vehicle in Dreams 2020.- No joke.
  • zanders3
    zanders3 left some feedback
    10 months ago
    Needs cheese gratings when you adjust grater. Great handling!
  • JUCE1985-
    JUCE1985- left some feedback
    10 months ago
    Good job with the handling and physics of the vehicle,also camerawork and sound.
  • JetJaguarThe3rd
    JetJaguarThe3rd left some feedback
    10 months ago
    Fantastic! Great driving!
  • Greenagainn
    Greenagainn left some feedback
    10 months ago
    When I extended the wheel base and a grater slowly revealed itself I snorted louder than is socially acceptable.
  • tralseman311
    tralseman311 left some feedback
    11 months ago
    Drifting feels just right :D

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