Race Car

By zanders3

  • TAPgiles
    TAPgiles left a comment
    Nice little car. This would work well as a showcase scene, but not so much as an element. People looking for elements don't usually want a whole scene, but just the car ;P
    3 months ago
  • Alldeathtry
    Alldeathtry left a comment
    a year ago
  • Zippopot
    Zippopot left a comment
    Excellent gear box simulation logic. I hope i can get half way close to this with my attempt.
    a year ago
  • YamiGenesis
    YamiGenesis left a comment
    Wish I understood that logic
    a year ago
  • HeartFactory-KW
    HeartFactory-KW left a comment
    Nice work on the control logic and the model
    a year ago

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