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Sonic Puppet (wip?)

By TwineApple

  • ricanpride_85
    ricanpride_85 left a comment
    It looks like the one from sonic mania
  • SwizzleMalarky42
    SwizzleMalarky42 left a comment
    Its the best sonic i seen this should what sonic look like in his new game for ps5 but with green eyes so hes more modern and more furr big ears more cute hahahaha
  • RichMenace_94
    RichMenace_94 left a comment
    Is this the original?
  • Supermouse0211
    Supermouse0211 left a comment
    Definitely the best sonic puppet in Dreams the rest just follow the same template while this one goes for its own unique thing (seriously though if I see one more sonic puppet which says HeRe wE g0 im going to lose it.)
  • miketurano
    miketurano left a comment
    Maybe make a Tails and Knuckles? (DO IT)
  • Carsondood
    Carsondood left a comment
    Really well done model man.
  • Darkko1490
    Darkko1490 left a comment
  • 1年前
    Comment deleted
  • CommanderWilloh
    CommanderWilloh left a comment
    I love how you added your own style! He looks very unique. Nice work!
  • Gravitopia-64
    Gravitopia-64 left a comment
    Very stylised i love it !

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