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1st Annual IMPY Awards Nominee: Best Character

Anastasia the Messenger Mage

By Morning-Nya

  • Dragonlord36091
    Dragonlord36091 left a comment
    It reminded me of made in abyss for some reason. Very good character.
  • yellowwindow7
    yellowwindow7 left a comment
    after a year and a half i finally found the original creator of this puppet.
  • Zee-Man2468
    Zee-Man2468 left a comment
    My first time seeing this character and this is pretty cool and fantasy unique! Definitely a 10/10 =)
  • TheChocoboLord
    TheChocoboLord left a comment
    Now model her getting an education.
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  • Asher_The_Wolf
    Asher_The_Wolf left a comment
    Can u do one like it but a boy and with a sword? And good job
  • james15206
    james15206 left a comment
    Dope character
  • AbbyBoiii
    AbbyBoiii left a comment
    Hands down my favourite character. Astronomical job my friend!
  • Comment deleted
  • hasoone-2018
    hasoone-2018 left a comment
    She is so cute
  • Jewtwo_
    Jewtwo_ left a comment
    Hello recently noticed you made a lot of my favorite characters great work keep it up. Also i have a question about Anastisia whenever you add her dash and boost jump timelines into a microchip it breaks them i was hoping u would know why it does that.
  • Obscure-Reverie
    Obscure-Reverie left a comment
    This is wonderful. I love it!
  • kemengjie33
    kemengjie33 left a comment
    Cool. Thanks for tidying up the wires. Much easier to follow the logic now.
  • nobbystattoo
    nobbystattoo left a comment
    I don't know how you done it Wondefull work
  • kemengjie33
    kemengjie33 left a comment
    The movement is awesome. Some notes in the logic board would be helpful.
  • OCey92
    OCey92 left a comment
    Best character I've seen so far, Great Work. Love it :)
    WILDMUSTANG1 left a comment
    The characters and gameplay you've made are by far my favorites out of everything I've seen in Dreams thus far and are pretty close to the kinds of stuff I myself hope to create.
  • GloomyRanger56
    GloomyRanger56 left a comment
    WOW That was fast!
  • nomeki
    nomeki left a comment
    Loving the character design and showcasing
  • Cableska
    Cableska left a comment
    I should add it should only trigger on falling. Not rising.
  • Cableska
    Cableska left a comment
    This is a very good start. Might I suggest creating a 'ledge' object, invisible, that detects when the player is in air next to it and if so repositions then and sends them into a ledge grab animation?
  • JechtaPlays
    JechtaPlays left a comment
    Just wow i love this character! Really good animation with even diffrent Idle stances really good job you have a new follower!
  • Evolved1
    Evolved1 left a comment
    This is great though. They were just suggestions / feedback... you're one of my favs, so I'm sure whatever you go with will be cool. This is currently one of the best traversal puppets.
  • jambad81
    jambad81 left a comment
    Best character i have come across. Very well realized. Fantastic job.
  • TrueQueenOfRose
    TrueQueenOfRose left a comment
    Love the improvements! She's coming along really well.
  • One_TruBlu
    One_TruBlu left a comment
    My jaw dropped
  • Razihell-
    Razihell- left a comment
    Oh realy cool , nice work :)
  • the_crowbar1997
    the_crowbar1997 left a comment
    Great character Great control and fun map to test on 10 out of 10
  • meanmachine22
    meanmachine22 left a comment
    Why can't you make an entire game in ONE day? Unliked, uncommented, unsubscribed.

    It was really good though.

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