Utopian Interitus No°4

By DiamondDiancie10

  • iliya_soleymani
    iliya_soleymani left a comment
    I would like to use your model in a horror sci fi game (with credit).
    5 months ago
  • OMG_its_Adrian
    OMG_its_Adrian left a comment
    So impressive with how you make your characters. They're so clean & well made :]
    7 months ago
    SEIRYU_AG7 left a comment
    8 months ago
  • Myst-bourne
    Myst-bourne left a comment
    Very nice
    8 months ago
  • SassySouthernGrl
    SassySouthernGrl left a comment
    OMG Amazing, I ❤️ ROBOTS!
    a year ago
  • rcfreak247
    rcfreak247 left a comment
    I'm speechless near perfection if you could just use the motion controls to position him and use the other animations together with out it break the stance he would be so lifelike it would be insane lol
    a year ago
  • Teebonesy
    Teebonesy left a comment
    The pew pew arm animation is a riot!
    a year ago
  • JRL101
    JRL101 left a comment
    Impressive, i really like it!
    a year ago
  • Hamrub
    Hamrub left a comment
    a year ago
  • Byrd45x2
    Byrd45x2 left a comment
    Good god this is awesome.Looking at different models for inspiration
    a year ago
  • Innerthia
    Innerthia left a comment
    a year ago
  • bug12lm
    bug12lm left a comment
    Super cool
    a year ago
  • InFamous-X22
    InFamous-X22 left a comment
    Honestly so good :O
    a year ago
  • alienbrainsaw2
    alienbrainsaw2 left a comment
    Amazing, and also looks like ion from Titanfall 2
    a year ago
  • xX-Delirium-Xx
    xX-Delirium-Xx left a comment
    How is this useing only 10%thermo o_o?
    a year ago

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