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DreamsCom 2021 Booth Template

By mmdreamqueen

  • RickyBeeLoco
    RickyBeeLoco left a comment
    I hope i'm in dream com hopefully DREAMS HAS TASTE! Just kidding.
  • Drewmac13
    Drewmac13 left a comment
    Did My Booth Make It To The DreamsCom21???
  • coynem
    coynem left a comment
    I was sooo close to missing the deadline, I literally submitted with 20 secs left... Too close
  • Roga89
    Roga89 left a comment
    Can sculptures go beneath the booth? (like tree roots)
    Also can i place fog chips beneath the booth?
    (nothing is going through the side barrier)
  • Nanman12341
    Nanman12341 left a comment
    I dont know what dis is
  • Paulo-Lameiras
    Paulo-Lameiras left a comment
    We do save the booth as 'element' > 'sculpture', right?
  • The_Garretts_123
    The_Garretts_123 left a comment
    Are we Allowed to promote other people? Even if they have permission?
  • DrSecksy
    DrSecksy left a comment
    The ruler defining the maximum size doesn't seem to be present in this template (even after turning off preview instability and setting rulers to visible)
  • thmx
    thmx left a comment
    For now im the first most liked stand ^^
  • Flain-gaming
    Flain-gaming left a comment
  • TjoeT1
    TjoeT1 left a comment
    For submitting a booth for DreamsCom ’21, is it a requirement to have a login for the Dreams website or will there be a way to submit in game as well?
    j_plusb, MmOfficial
  • YettyDev_YT
    YettyDev_YT left a comment
    Are we allowed to use other people's assets?
  • SamCreeper07
    SamCreeper07 left a comment
    What # do we use?
  • dragonsapira
    dragonsapira left a comment
    Can you use this template for your Dreamscom booth?
  • TXPackerBacker
    TXPackerBacker left a comment
    What are the rules?
  • Dr_WhoData
    Dr_WhoData left a comment
    Can Dreamers make multiple booths? I would like to make 2 or 3 :) This is going to be so fun. Vary excited!
  • TXPackerBacker
    TXPackerBacker left a comment
    This is gonna be cool!

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