Tyrannosaurus Klarakat Puppet

By HeartFactory-KW and 1 collaborator

  • expensive320wax
    expensive320wax left a review
    3 weeks ago
  • LordThanos962
    LordThanos962 left a review
    You are a master puppet carver and puppet programer! Keep it up!
    6 months ago
  • TheRexPistols
    TheRexPistols left a review
    Truly a majestic beast! Great job animating it.
    7 months ago
  • FoxDeimos
    FoxDeimos left a review
    Man, that just looks phenomenal, holy moley
    a year ago
  • Razihell-
    Razihell- left a review
    a year ago
  • Serpula
    Serpula left a review
    Spectacular work!
    a year ago
  • PanzerXVier
    PanzerXVier left a review
    Those arms got me DYIN' XD Impressive musculature!
    a year ago
  • DkMarcusDk
    DkMarcusDk left a review
    Very epic 10/10
    a year ago
  • Ste4lth4csS
    Ste4lth4csS left a review
    Stella job on the character and animations, i also love the sounds, great job
    a year ago
  • HeartFactory-KW
    HeartFactory-KW left a review
    Klaracat you have arted it and it looks ace!
    a year ago
  • Stinkinmushroom
    Stinkinmushroom left a review
    a year ago
  • iAnony
    iAnony left a review
    a year ago
  • KlaraKatt
    KlaraKatt left a review
    Oh my gosh!!! This is so cool!! The rigging looks amazing!! :D
    a year ago
  • BasketSnake
    BasketSnake left a review
    Here we go. Now we're talking. Dreams starting to really shine.
    a year ago

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