Tyrannosaurus Klarakat Puppet

By HeartFactory-KW and 1 collaborator

  • CoolBreez1988
    CoolBreez1988 left a comment
    a month ago
  • Comment deleted
  • MeanDean
    MeanDean left a comment
    Amazing love it and your work
    9 months ago
  • WickedGamer4
    WickedGamer4 left a comment
    Very cool that you animated someones sculpture. Well done!
    a year ago
  • NationalistLuis
    NationalistLuis left a comment
    This looks dope af
    a year ago
  • Zenn_CA
    Zenn_CA left a comment
    Man this is awesome. Just the head alone looked like a headache to make after checking it out by taking it apart.
    a year ago
  • Lk13
    Lk13 left a comment
    Those arms moving are hilarious! Best creation in Dreams. Needs some sound effects though
    a year ago
  • Piggins
    Piggins left a comment
    Really good
    a year ago
  • bug12lm
    bug12lm left a comment
    Very cool
    a year ago
  • HeartFactory-KW
    This Trwx was cut, rigged and animated with Ds4 only. I imagine Klarakats origional sculpt was done with moves though. Personally i dont use them much
    a year ago
  • Styvon123
    Styvon123 replied
    Its actually more frustrating with PSMove. xd
    a year ago
  • JonnyMenthol
    JonnyMenthol left a comment
    By FAR, the best puppet I've seen yet.
    a year ago
  • iChingon
    iChingon left a comment
    How did you turn a sculpt into a puppet?
    a year ago
    • HeartFactory-KW
      First check how many segments a puppet uses. Then enter your sculpt and use the cutout tool to cut it into those segments. Delete the arm and leg segments from one side. Rig with ball and socket connectors. Tidy seems in sculpt segments. Move into puppet.
      a year ago
  • Galactic_Imp86
    Galactic_Imp86 left a comment
    Just amazing appearance and animation! Well done!
    a year ago
  • Servilletor
    Servilletor left a comment
    Nice rex, brutal!
    a year ago
  • cannibal127_9
    cannibal127_9 left a comment
    a year ago
  • Kingasta-
    Kingasta- left a comment
    a year ago
  • olit123
    olit123 left a comment
    Dude this is amazing!
    a year ago
  • HeartFactory-KW
    I was thinking ill finish riging the arms, fix the seems then if you want you carry on modelinand finish, colour it
    a year ago

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