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Allie - WIP

By Tyldove

  • I_Am_Epic_5
    I_Am_Epic_5 left a comment
  • AeolisFFXI
    AeolisFFXI left a comment
    First comment in 26 months. Surprised considering how popular this character is
  • beardguy78-jacks
    beardguy78-jacks left a comment
    Hopefully you dont get rid of her lil waddle :D
  • aireannaxstar
    aireannaxstar left a comment
    Omg she dead inside
  • clancythecat
    clancythecat left a comment
    Can someone release a Toddler Version? I need one for something.
  • Ikasu-Killer
    Ikasu-Killer left a comment
    This looks incredible!
  • SFGNixy
    SFGNixy left a comment
    Fantastic work!
  • moorpheus663
    moorpheus663 left a comment
    I like her she remind me a rpg
  • Haggersnash
    Haggersnash left a comment
  • s0ul_c0de77
    s0ul_c0de77 left a comment
    Hey! Im adding more actions and animations. What do you think so far? The model is fantastic.
    DEADBODYXX left a comment
    That detail though, vary nice job!
  • Wesh_Ma_Geule
    Wesh_Ma_Geule left a comment
    Great job, lots of details, eyes blinking is cherry on top
  • Mickaroo29
    Mickaroo29 left a comment
  • dbdirector2
    dbdirector2 left a comment
    Thats amazing! Thank you for showing
  • urbandevill
    urbandevill left a comment
    Hi! Mm Pro tip : Turnspeed to 300, move hip sligthly lower, and move hip forward just in front of Centre ;)
  • JonnyMenthol
    JonnyMenthol left a comment
    Managing what few have with people puppets here really, great.
  • SpeedyBunnyz
    SpeedyBunnyz left a comment
    She looks great. Well done

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