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Panzer 1, Ausf B

By mdkd99

This vehicle was Germany's first mass produced tank. It was essential in the first years of WW2.

8% Graphics
7% Gameplay
49 physical treads
Working machine guns
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Info about the tank irl: The Panzer 1 had it's origin in the german tank prototypes made in the 20s/30s. The so called Leichttraktor (Lightweight tractor) was a successful prototype, so it was used to make the Panzer 1.

Heinz Guderian claimed that the Panzer 1 was designed as training tank, but in reality it was a stopgap solution, until the bigger Panzer 3 and Panzer 4 could be mass produced by the german industry.

The Panzer 1 was used as infantry support tank, and rarely saw combat against enemy tanks, except in the spanish civil war, where it was inferior to the russian T-26 in terms of armor and armament.

About 1400 Panzer 1s were produced in different versions. Some Panzer 1s were taken out of service and rebuilt as Flak-vehicles and Tank destroyers, namely the 'Flak auf Fahrgestell Panzer 1 Ausf B' and 'Panzerjäger 1.'

It was successful in Poland and France due to the large number of german tanks overwhelming the enemy. The Panzer 1 had thin armor of about 15mm max. Anti tank rifles, 20mm cannons and large caliber MGs could easily destroy the Panzer 1. - Info about my vehicle: 8% graphics thermo (Due to some of my universal assets being included) 6-7% gameplay thermo 49 physical, mirrored treads Spring tensioned swing arm suspension Drivable Working machine guns Tread stability: 4/5 - Treads will stay on, even on somewhat difficult terrain, but can come off here and there when driving over extreme terrain. Fully traversable turret


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