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Puss in boots: the last wish. Death

By hunterthebear23

  • OMGlenn
    OMGlenn left a comment
    Wow! This looks awesome!
  • SirchBoX
    SirchBoX left a comment
    Live your life, Puss in Boots.
    Live it well.
  • Ialdo_Lucas
    Ialdo_Lucas left a comment
    Muito bom
  • briseidaaa
    briseidaaa left a comment
    Its sick
  • JayZero_PS
    JayZero_PS left a comment
    "Hey, I don't normally do this, but could you sign something for me? I've been looking for you for a very long time."
    Sick model.
  • ClashzinTVpront
    ClashzinTVpront left a comment
    Whats the matter?
  • immortalbeing
    immortalbeing left a comment
    Jack Horner a possibility?
  • terra-fatal
    terra-fatal left a comment
    Pick it up,
    I Just Love The Smeal of FEAR
    I like the guy who makes the voice is from my country,🇧🇷
  • event82
    event82 left a comment
    Hear me out PLEASE!!
  • nmck1
    nmck1 left a comment
    The guy quite scared me a bit
  • bequx
    bequx left a comment
    Pick it up
  • Bingus_1894
    Bingus_1894 left a comment
    You fool
    Now we need Jack Horner
  • Zilla1279
    Zilla1279 left a comment
    Death- I was there to witness all of them. Death- go ahead run for it makes it more fun for me.
  • YasharYisrael
    YasharYisrael left a comment
    Add Whistle
  • Mohamedgasparsin
    Mohamedgasparsin left a comment
    Hey,this is a copy of my Death!
  • Mohamedgasparsin
    Mohamedgasparsin left a comment
    Hey guy,look my Death
  • peanutpower20
    peanutpower20 left a comment
    Imagine this running at you in your house, what will you do?
  • Zee-Man2468
    Zee-Man2468 left a comment
  • Sk8r4LifeX
    Sk8r4LifeX left a comment
  • Smiley_Solar
    Smiley_Solar left a comment
    "Im Death, straight up"
    Dope model and an amazing movie
  • thedamnedZ_Gamer
    thedamnedZ_Gamer left a comment
    Is cool
  • brimful_bean5
    brimful_bean5 left a comment
    Make Puss
  • MikeyStation02
    MikeyStation02 left a comment
    I just LOVE the smell of fear!
  • yellowwindow7
    yellowwindow7 left a comment
    man, it looks so freaking Good!
    your running animation style really suited him, one of the best villain we got on films since a Very Long Time.
    really well done, bear.
  • Scipio_17
    Scipio_17 left a comment
  • PrimeEmu
    PrimeEmu left a comment
    He has such a cool design. Honestly he's probably the only reason why ive been thinking about watching the movie haha. You really knocked it out of the park!
  • hunterthebear23
    hunterthebear23 left a comment
    I hid tiny hunterbear Emblems on the puppet, good luck finding them.

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