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ITT's Advanced FPS Template V.6.4

By Intrattackout

  1. First Person Character

    First Person Character

  2. ITT's Fighter Craft Template V.1.0 (Jet/Plane/Spaceship)

    ITT's Fighter Craft Template V.1.0 (Jet/Plane/Spaceship)

  3. Explosion


  4. Muzzle flash

    Muzzle flash

  5. Fizzy Drink Open

    Fizzy Drink Open

  6. Fierce Fire

    Fierce Fire

  7. Chemical Fire

    Chemical Fire

  8. New Mag

    New Mag

  9. Handy Slap

    Handy Slap

  10. Sword Swing

    Sword Swing

  11. Short Sub Bass Hit

    Short Sub Bass Hit

  12. Face Punch

    Face Punch

  13. Dry Fire

    Dry Fire

  14. Power Coil Reload

    Power Coil Reload

  15. Flappy Cloth Whoosh

    Flappy Cloth Whoosh

  16. Small Waterfall

    Small Waterfall

  17. Long Airy Whoosh

    Long Airy Whoosh

  18. Handgun Shot

    Handgun Shot

  19. Rifle Cock

    Rifle Cock

  20. Crunchy Whoosh

    Crunchy Whoosh

  21. Afterburner Thrust Loop

    Afterburner Thrust Loop

  22. Grenade Blast

    Grenade Blast

  23. Laser Bolt Ricochet

    Laser Bolt Ricochet

  24. Parried Blade

    Parried Blade

  25. Foxy Jumps

    Foxy Jumps

  26. Fire Burst

    Fire Burst

  27. Detonator


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