By MmOfficial

  • GodzillaRulz2018
    GodzillaRulz2018 left a comment
    That smile cracks me up when I read the discription LOL
    2 months ago
    • Dj_Frags-_-
      Dj_Frags-_- replied
      "Hehe, I'm in danger!" 😄
      a month ago
  • CoolBreez1988
    CoolBreez1988 left a comment
    Cat warrior
    2 months ago
  • TalkativeHarpy
    TalkativeHarpy left a comment
    This is a Buddhist monk from my uncles house and i really boutta make some body once told me the world is gunna rick roll me never gunna give you up never gunna let u pet my dog bc it has space aids forever bc of my fortnite
    3 months ago
  • TalkativeHarpy
    3 months ago
  • Slimjim_Dolee
    Slimjim_Dolee left a comment
    Being able to look at this in VR now is amazing, love the design and all the little details!
    4 months ago
  • grimhorse
    grimhorse left a comment
    I hate how its hard for people to tell who you're replying to
    5 months ago
  • butt_stallion
    butt_stallion left a comment
    Nice Character
    7 months ago
  • BananaMoney69
    BananaMoney69 left a comment
    Her legs got me feeling strange...
    9 months ago
    • grimhorse
      grimhorse replied
      Oh lord i thought i was the only one
      7 months ago
    • intrepidis
      intrepidis replied
      Know kneed.
      8 months ago
  • JayForce777
    JayForce777 left a comment
    Artio is my favorite character to use in my creations!
    10 months ago
  • TheChocoboLord
    TheChocoboLord left a comment
    Artio is kinda like a microbe, look away, and there's twice as many of her as before.
    a year ago
    • Quantum-Hall
      Quantum-Hall replied
      Yea, this got to be a really popular creation to remix, and for good reason, too. This creation is super easy to edit.
      a year ago
  • mav36
    mav36 left a comment
    I mean, she has over 50 nearly identical siblings right now!
    a year ago
  • mav36
    mav36 left a comment
    At this point, Dreams EA is more like 'Artio and the Eternity Sisters'.
    a year ago

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