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Panzer 2, Ausf C

By mdkd99

This vehicle was the backbone of the Panzer units in the first years of WW2. It took part in many fights with it's 2cm gun.

This vehicle comes with a working gun, is drivable and has physical treads.

10% Graphics
7% Gameplay
50 treads
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This vehicle, the Sd. Kfz. 121 Panzerkampfwagen II, was the second mass produced battle tank by Germany in the 30s. --- Info about the real vehicle: After the defeat in WW1, Germany was not allowed to build tanks. They built tanks, but with different names. The 'Landwirtschaftlicher Schlepper 100' was the prototype, that became the Panzer 2.

The Panzer 2, like the Panzer 1 had very thin armor of at most 10-20mm. Thus enemy tanks were easily capable of penetrating the armor and destroying the tank.

What made the Panzer 2 so effective was the high fire rate of it's 2cm KwK-30 gun. The KwK-30 was not capable of penetrating most enemy tanks at the time, but it was perfectly capable of destroying the enemy's morale, which made some french tank units surrender or flee. Those allied tank units that were more experienced, were able to destroy the Panzer 2s easily. --- Info about my model: My vehicle has 43 mirrored, physical treads and a torsion bar suspension. My vehicle has a working KwK-30 gun.

Stability can be rated as 4/5.


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