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Panzer 3, Ausf H

By mdkd99

This version of the Panzer 3 was built from 1940 to 1941 and had the short 5cm KwK and some additional armor.
10% Graphics (Includes several outside assets)
6% Gameplay
46 treads
Working guns
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Info about the real vehicle: The Panzer 3 model H was produced from 1940 to 1941. 286 vehicles of this type were produced. It included additional armor, and the short 5cm Kwk.

Additional armor was needed to protect the vehicle/crew from some anti tank guns. It improved protection, but lowered the performance of the engine due to more stress.

The short 5cm Kwk was installed after the german army encountered many well armored tanks on the western front like the Somua S-35 and Char B1. While it was an improvement over the short 3,7cm Kwk, it wasn't good enough to effectively fight T-34s and KV-1s on the eastern front. - Info about my vehicle: 10% Graphics (Includes outside assets like my MG34 and the turret of my Panzer 4) 7-8% Gameplay 46 mirrored, physical treads Tread stability: 4,5/5 - Treads are very resistant to dislodging and wheel skipping, but I imagine some rough terrain could break the treads.


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