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Panzer 4, Ausf E

By mdkd99

The Panzer 4 was an infantry support tank. Ausf E was made in 1940 with extra armor.
Working guns
Physical treads

9% Graphics
10% Gameplay
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Info about the real vehicle: The Sd. Kfz. 161 Panzerkampfwagen 4 was designed as infantry support tank with a short gun to fight enemy infantry.

Ausf E was produced in 1940. It had additional armor bolted on to protect the vehicle from 20mm guns.

The short gun was devastating against infantry, but not as effective against enemy tanks. A new HEAT round was introduced in 1940 that was a bit more capable at penetrating enemy tanks. - Info about my vehicle: 9% Graphics 10% Gameplay Drivable Working guns Physical treads and suspension Tread stability: 3/5 - Treads will work, but turning on difficult terrain will cause problems


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