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Panzer 3, Ausf E

By mdkd99

The Panzer 3 Ausf E had the final, modern torsion bar suspension. It was manufactured in 1939 to 1940, but even then the gun struggled against many enemies...

11% Graphics
7% Gameplay
54 treads
Drivable, working guns
  • Played 183 times by 40 dreamers
  • Played for a total of a day by the community
  • 29 thumbs up
  • Used in 30 creations
  • Remixed once
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Info about the real vehicle: The Panzer 3 Ausf E was manufactured from 1939 to 1940. It had the final suspension design with modern torsion bar suspension.

The gun was good against lightly armored tanks, but against anything above it was not good enough. The german army jokingly called this the knocking device (Heeresanklopfgerät) due to the shots bouncing off enemy tanks and alerting them to the presence of the Panzer 3.

The good visibility and crew layout made it very effective though. - Info about my vehicle: 11% Graphics 7% Gameplay 54 treads Drivable, working guns Tread stability: 4,5/5 - Works really well, even on difficult terrain. Treads might skip a wheel on extreme terrain


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