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STEN gun

By mdkd99

This is a recreation of the british STEN gun from WW2. It's ready to use with animations, soundeffects, and also has a 'Gerät Neumünster/Volks-MP' option. Has 3% graphics cost.
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The model went through a slight rework, and now also has a GerätNeumünster option.

For anyone who doesn't know: The Gerät Neumünster/Volks-MP was a german late war simplification of the STEN gun.

Many STEN guns were taken from captured british units, but were only used after 1943, and when the Volkssturm was created in late 1944, a reworked simplification of the STEN gun was manufactured.

About a few thousands were made before Germany capitulated. Even less made it to the front. But some Volks-MPs saw combat.


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