1st Annual IMPY Awards Nominee: Best Sculpture
Third place in the community jam: 'Pirates'

Captain William stone


  • Joy-168
    Joy-168 left a review
    3 months ago
  • Kevyn1
    Kevyn1 left a review
    6 months ago
  • DABI_killa
    DABI_killa left a review
    Black Flag vibes
    6 months ago
  • derpwoods
    derpwoods left a review
    Utterly incredible.
    a year ago
  • The_Other_Lucas
    The_Other_Lucas left a review
    that is incredible work, Mac. Great stuff! I would love to see something like this rigged for animation. :)
    a year ago
  • IRoaruk
    IRoaruk left a review
    So Cool,Well done.
    a year ago
  • Markieautarkie
    Markieautarkie left a review
    This is like Pixar levels of quality! Fantastic work
    a year ago
  • SlimSoupy
    SlimSoupy left a review
    This is fantastic!
    a year ago
  • SootyPinions
    SootyPinions left a review
    Wow, what a character!!! Incredible detail <3
    a year ago
  • ZIIQ
    ZIIQ left a review
    Awesome character
    a year ago

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