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Panzerjäger 1

By mdkd99

The Panzerjäger 1 was a tank destroyer that was used by the german army from 1940 to 1942, until better solutions were found.
Based on the Panzer 1 Ausf B chassis
8% Graphics
6% Gameplay
49 treads
Working gun
  • Played 58 times by 16 dreamers
  • Played for a total of 10 hours by the community
  • 12 thumbs up
  • Used in 3 creations
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The 4,7cm PAK (t) auf Fahrgestell PzKpfw 1 Ausführung B, aka Panzerjäger 1 was a german tank destroyer used on the western front and in the first stages of Operation Barbarossa in WW2.

The chassis was from the Panzer 1 Ausf B. The turret and upper armor were removed in order to place the gun and crew of 3.

The gun was developed in Czechoslovakia, and taken for zthe Panzerjäger 1. It had somewhat good penetration for it's time, but by 1942 it was not as useful anymore.

The reason why I made this is because I enjoyed playing it in War Thunder. - Info about my vehicle in Dreams: - 7% Graphics - 7% gameplay - 43 mirrored, physical treads - Drivable - Working gun Tread stability: 4/5 - Treads will stay on on most terrain, but once the terrain gets the treads stuck, chances are high the treads will skip a wheel. Or when you race over very bumpy terrain with max speed, the treads can also skip the wheels.


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