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Top 10 in the community jam: 'Tropical Islands'

Composite Shark

By FaeryKingOfOrbit

  • Widow3cdo
    Widow3cdo left a comment
    2 years ago
    Oh noooo!... Shark survival lvl's ahhh! :D
    The shark looks good :)
  • SethGno
    SethGno left a comment
    2 years ago
    Sharp shark shapes suprisingly splendid and awesome AI anatomically automates a animation :)
  • iAnony
    iAnony left a comment
    3 years ago
    This is spectacular o:
    Do you think you'd be able to help me make a Blue Whale as realistic as possible? Really need help making one, i've got a basic one so far, Lol. Let me know!

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