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The Cone Wars

By ED-209b

  • RaphMac
    RaphMac left a comment
    Amazing, one of the best in dreams
    a month ago
  • SolidWolf70
    SolidWolf70 left a comment
    This game Is like Titanfall 2 love this Game!
    a month ago
  • Riku3Anita
    Riku3Anita left a comment
    Just awesome
    4 months ago
  • xX_MJPT_Xx-
    xX_MJPT_Xx- left a comment
    "You fought in The Cone Wars?"
    4 months ago
  • BrrrAcaVoy
    BrrrAcaVoy left a comment
    Deathstrike or Pig Detective Squadron? 🐷
    4 months ago
  • BrrrAcaVoy
    BrrrAcaVoy replied
    He is from Mm
    4 months ago
  • Nalphazilla
    Nalphazilla left a comment
    This is the most polished dream other than arts dream, it feels like media molecule themselves made this!
    6 months ago
  • RurouniDan
    RurouniDan left a comment
    So much fun
    6 months ago
  • GrOV3R79
    GrOV3R79 left a comment
    Good times! Excited for more.
    7 months ago
  • camp7203
    camp7203 left a comment
    Really fun
    7 months ago
  • HunterWolf-84
    You jump with X ... But you need to buy upgrade first.
    7 months ago
  • bruh6527654
    bruh6527654 left a comment
    My fav but for the end can you go in your own ship and defeat the cone fleet? This is cufburts revenge.
    7 months ago
  • samopal23
    samopal23 left a comment
    Super, great work!
    7 months ago
  • hazee_dnb
    hazee_dnb left a comment
    How do I beat the boss?
    7 months ago
    • bruh6527654
      bruh6527654 replied
      You go up in air and tap o on top of him. Then shoot him with twin or any cannon
      7 months ago
  • INOTROBOTisback
    INOTROBOTisback left a comment
    When I get to the spot, wher I must hold X to jump, nothing happens when I hold X.
    7 months ago
  • willson1999
    willson1999 replied
    R1 + L1 to boost!
    7 months ago
  • SasH-
    SasH- left a comment
    Hoooly smokes! Loved the explosions, atmosphere and the post processing effects! This game got potential, the aiming could be slightly improved though, other than that fun game, big thumbs up
    7 months ago
  • Jazzmooz
    Jazzmooz left a comment
    That was extraordinary! I'm out of words. You know you got yourself a new fan!
    8 months ago
  • gidevans
    gidevans replied
    9 months ago
  • gidevans
    gidevans left a comment
    I cannot get to the cookie cooler
    9 months ago
  • Loodanon
    Loodanon left a comment
    Probably one of the most satisfying mechs in a videogame!
    10 months ago
  • ED-209b
    ED-209b replied
    Its likely to be around the same time i do lvl 5... Month or so
    10 months ago
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