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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

GridSlice - Major Expansion #1

By c00kedturkey

  • samuelbh1970
    samuelbh1970 left a comment
    Really fun!
  • Kebiinu
    Kebiinu left a comment
    Love the music! And the game itself is fun, if not difficult.
  • BigSloopy
    BigSloopy left a comment
    Very original & nice feel to the overall game. Difficulty ramp up is pretty steep though for a beginner. Good work !
  • HuntersTale
    HuntersTale left a comment
  • samopal23
    samopal23 left a comment
  • gamepro300
    gamepro300 left a comment
  • Dr_Burgerstein
    Dr_Burgerstein left a comment
    Great concept. Simple but so creative.
  • AbsentAmpersand
    AbsentAmpersand left a comment
    Love the rhythm of the gameplay.
  • Pureray-
    Pureray- left a comment
    Fun concept
  • Dionysus-Jones
    Dionysus-Jones left a comment
    Neat idea for sure, but my slicer disappeared while playing :-( See photo.
  • keanex2788
    keanex2788 left a comment
    Very fun
  • IamOctopus
    IamOctopus left a comment
    Very nice
  • Briskhido
    Briskhido left a comment
    A nice little puzzle game :)
  • Crazycupmuffin
    Crazycupmuffin left a comment
    Good stuff! Very original!
  • Billcee
    Billcee left a comment
    Not my thing
  • RAVEN_G23
    RAVEN_G23 left a comment
    Great game ! I hope there will be more levels in a future update
  • Paulo-Lameiras
    Paulo-Lameiras left a comment
    Very polished and unique!

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