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By SergUSAccount

  • Thundercatz_007
    Thundercatz_007 left a comment
    I Got The 25 Coin Chest
  • MrsFletch3
    MrsFletch3 left a comment
    Really enjoyed! Wish I knew if I got all chests/Coins though.
  • jugadordelmonton
    jugadordelmonton left a comment
    looks like sonic lol
  • Skellytaur
    Skellytaur left a comment
    Oh man I have always loved the MARBLE MADNESS , SPINDIZZY , MONKEY BALL style games and you have nailed that X factor 100% on why they work so well , easily my favouritest DREAMS game . . .
  • Strongblade
    Strongblade left a comment
    Right off the bat, the environment gave me a "Sonic" vibe in it's design.
    This game is quite good. I like how you gain abilities through the levels, and that those abilities are very different from one another. Excellent!
  • DJSlimeball
    DJSlimeball left a comment
  • fgeraci
    fgeraci left a comment
    Yep this is sonic
  • fgeraci
    fgeraci left a comment
    Sonic The Hedgehog Inspired?
  • Dany-care87
    Dany-care87 left a comment
    Yeah . It s great
  • samopal23
    samopal23 left a comment
  • Marjerie
    Marjerie left a comment
    That is such a fun game!
  • Jaden_Zombie
    Jaden_Zombie left a comment
  • Jebidiah_Hambone
    Jebidiah_Hambone left a comment
    Really fun. Thank you
  • WhataBadman76
    WhataBadman76 left a comment
    Brilliant, What actually did we get from opening the chests though?
  • bruce-lee1947
    bruce-lee1947 left a comment
    Truly Marbleous
  • eddieedwards
    eddieedwards left a comment
    Amazballs, loved it. Quite tricky in places
  • BFU_Sensei
    BFU_Sensei left a comment
    Best dream i've played so far. Most of the content in Dreams feels conceptual. This feels complete. Would prefer slightly tighter controls. A few areas where the camera worked against me. Also - a hairy blue ball? Lulz. Really great work though.
  • RaelExplodes
    RaelExplodes left a comment
    You're too slow.
  • Bubalewie
    Bubalewie left a comment
    What are the patterns for the 3 sets of buttons in the third area of the third level? I can't find any hints in the level.
  • NiNja10Doh
    NiNja10Doh left a comment
    Probably the most interesting and entertaining level I've played so far. I loved it.
  • Couch29975
    Couch29975 left a comment
    Super sonic ball was fantastic, the level design is especially good
  • Mnd-Frk
    Mnd-Frk left a comment
    Great platformer!
  • B1GG1N
    B1GG1N left a comment
    This is fantastic and by far, my favorite dream to date.
  • XRainnyX
    XRainnyX left a comment
    Couldn‘t stop playing!!!!! Amazing job, I‘m speechless ...
  • IrStuped
    IrStuped left a comment
    Awesome job! Only meant to give it a passing glance, ended up playing the whole thing!
  • Tenanghah
    Tenanghah left a comment
    Amazing work! Keep it up
  • UberHero_OG
    UberHero_OG left a comment
    I like it. Its good

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