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Top 25% in the community jam: '秋のワンダーランド'

The voice of Silk

By Sparten__X53

I awake from an ending nightmare of dark... One that forms in my sleep. A kingdom seemingly long forgotten stands in my wake. As I walk from the graves I see part of a building that fell in a valley that now resides there. What could have done this?
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Exerpt from "the end of the far lands"

The time of the far lands and it's capital has past... the once lively kingdom that was once home to many a loyal families fell in what seems like an instant. Few know of the reason for the collapse and fewer survived the mass exile, the long journey it takes to reach the border of the far lands is immense, the poor souls did not have time to prepare and not to mention the drought and famine that plagued the streets not long before the end. I traveled with a band of sellers to this land seventeen years after it's fall from high. The men for whom I traveled with stayed far from the border of these lands, they claimed it was a cursed kingdom long before it's ruin and few had returned from their travels there. Not trusting what they warned I made my way though long deserted farm lands and dried up lakes. It took five agonizing days from the hamlet I left the salesmen at to reach the border then another three days to see the center of the once famed capital. It was still beautiful in a dreadful way, the structure of the city was collapsing and I was not sure if it happened before or after the land was deserted. There where massive valleys that where not there prior the my last visit to this place. I climbed down to a church, the view of the palace was a nice distraction from the smell of shallow graves at my feet, which I noticed had the mark of the far land's royal family upon it's face. Strange to see such royalty in a place such as this, I felt pity for the poor that died without even a grave to be remembered. I was uneasy roaming those overgrown streets, almost sick. Wondering around I came upon stairs leading down, stairs not present from my last visit. What was in the tunnel might prove the rumors that the capital royals were trying to summon the "Silkweaver", just a bunch of old loons trying to live forever I suppose, not that I believe in that old cult junk. I write about the beautiful scenery and structures in the next volume.

End of volume three


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