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2nd Annual Impy Awards Nominee: Best Music
Community creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement, and inspiration.

Splatty's Adventure

By RDKatrell22 and 4 collaborators

Splatty is the Paint Brush Hero here to save the day. Splatty must rise to the occasion and halt the Conformity once and for all. V0.5.9 (PS5)
  • Played 37,539 times by 22,063 dreamers
  • Played for a total of 9 months by the community
  • 7,473 thumbs up
  • Used in 210 creations
  • 1,464 followersView followers
  • Watched on Twitch for 2 weeks

Splatty’s Adventure is 3D Platformer at its core. Journey with Splatty on a heart warming and chilling experience. Saving the day may not always be easy, but with Splatty you’re guaranteed to enjoy the whole adventure.

Link to our Kickstarter

Multiplayer: 1-4Players (TBA) Cooperative: 1-2Players: TBA


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