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The Offroad Lands

By Majoneskongen and 1 collaborator

  • TheJoeTeam
    TheJoeTeam left a comment
    What a trip! Sliding down the icy mountain was a highlight.
    6 days ago
  • Bruneon_
    Bruneon_ left a comment
    Pls more
    3 weeks ago
  • secretsolver8
    secretsolver8 left a comment
    When I saw the ending, I was like "Are you serious?". That was such a drastic change in tone! Terrific job!
    4 weeks ago
  • kevin-mexico1
    kevin-mexico1 left a comment
    Deep af
    a month ago
  • fotorama
    fotorama left a comment
    Original and thoughtful
    a month ago
  • brainiac30
    brainiac30 left a comment
    Nobody gon talk about that ending?
    2 months ago
    • fotorama
      fotorama replied
      It lies beyond indeed. Thats what you get for driving like a madman
      a month ago
  • Syrex_Syrup
    Syrex_Syrup left a comment
    I uhh. Well then
    3 months ago
  • programmerr47
    programmerr47 left a comment
    Интересно но сюрно
    3 months ago
  • poncho456
    poncho456 left a comment
    U guys are extremely talented!
    4 months ago
  • CheesecakeBalony
    CheesecakeBalony left a comment
    Sinister ending
    5 months ago
  • NexGen85
    NexGen85 left a comment
    Clearly you guys have some talent
    5 months ago
  • WagsiiDuck
    WagsiiDuck left a comment
    How does the scoring work?
    6 months ago
  • Jay2328
    Jay2328 left a comment
    Great environments but vehicle handling can be tough.
    6 months ago
  • X-MsTeR_ViTo-X
    X-MsTeR_ViTo-X left a comment
    Good i want longer
    6 months ago
  • L1LM3LLORSpamsL2
    L1LM3LLORSpamsL2 left a comment
    Enjoyed so much bro thank you
    6 months ago
  • Shadow_Elk
    Shadow_Elk left a comment
    That was super interesting good job ;)
    6 months ago
    STIMERLAND left a comment
    Really good idea. The mix of offroad and exploration with a fantasy. Nver seen somthin like this before. You could really go further in this concept. Bravo again. And please the show must go on !!!
    6 months ago
  • Chopinownz
    Chopinownz left a comment
    One of my favs. It's like a really good theme park ride. Controls remind me of the Halo warthog.
    6 months ago
    STARLORD_PJQ left a comment
    Dingue !!!
    6 months ago
  • vmpop
    vmpop left a comment
    Where can I find the cover of "The Wilderness" from LBP that you used in chapter 3?
    6 months ago
  • Daily_with_Donny
    Daily_with_Donny left a comment
    My jeep was a stud.
    6 months ago
  • OzzyOrange95
    OzzyOrange95 left a comment
    Dang dude, relax. Like its sick and all but you didnt have to give me nightmares at the end like cmon man
    6 months ago
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