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By ShoTz-z-

  • Funguxx
    Funguxx noticed a bug
    9 months ago
    Does inverted work? When i turn it on it has no effect
  • NoobinstOCK
    NoobinstOCK noticed a bug
    a year ago
    Beta fps aim trainer, reticle missing no matter what i do. Hopefully a simple fix. Wish this was a stand alone game, would be a definite buy ! :]
  • maschinegewehr3
    maschinegewehr3 noticed a bug
    a year ago
    Please, fix long range tiles
  • eddymenphis
    eddymenphis noticed a bug
    a year ago
    On custom sensitivty the tiles for long range mode dont move at all when clicked on please fix
  • DaddyShenLong
    DaddyShenLong noticed a bug
    a year ago
    A lot of the times on all of them it registers the hit but they dont dissapear
  • Romega___
    Romega___ noticed a bug
    a year ago
    Well , when you take a custom sensibility to do COD long range , the targets don't disappear and u just have to spam as quickly as possible but the record go in COD jumbo tile Frenzy so above 160-170 , it't almost impossible ;)
  • bakedpotatosoup
    bakedpotatosoup noticed a bug
    a year ago
    I saw this bug already in the other comments but I figured that leaving a comment about the misses glitch would give you a sense of the urgency. Triangle did not fix it though, sad to say. Amazing aim trainer nonetheless!

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