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Lara's Mini-Adventure (PS1)

By Cyberpunk-JC

Lara Croft goes on a mini stroll through some dangerous rocky mountains to disover an ancient tomb. Lara model created by orionvalentine and Ancient Temple props created by Media Molecule! This is a small walk-sim. Updated for bug fixes
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Originally this level started out as a basic remake of Media Molecule's Ancient Temple time trial level, since Lara Croft's birthday is valentines day, and the theme reminded me of the Nevada sections of Tomb Raider 3 and the overall Egyptian theme of Last Revelation, I decided to turn the level into a classic Tomb Raider throwback to commemorate my childhood icon. The level is just a quick walking simulator and is an attempt at very basic level design, it uses props created by Media Molecule and the Lara Croft puppet was created by orionvalentine  who has also inspired my song "Dream Rider" in the past.

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