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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

Toasty Bird

By Magrathean_42

  • Roguey000
    Roguey000 left a review
    Well put together A+
  • Rabortolin
    Rabortolin left a review
    Amei muito
  • FatiMavi
    FatiMavi left a review
  • Cptalbertwesker_
    Cptalbertwesker_ left a review
    The experience I have needed all my life, thank you!
  • TheJoeTeam
    TheJoeTeam left a review
    Review from 4-year-old: "It was so good. Toasty Bird is my favourite bird."
  • JMBarr-
    JMBarr- left a review
    Awesome job,love the art style
  • itsJenSim
    itsJenSim left a review
    Iconic. Thought-provoking. 10/10 would wear an ice cream cone as a hat again
  • DarkMotherScream
    DarkMotherScream left a review
    I love it.
  • Helekosi
    Helekosi left a review
    Cute, entertaining, and beautiful! Couldn't ask for anything more from this short and sweet experience :)
  • Meglic
    Meglic left a review
    This is excellent! Absolutely love the visual style. It also has some untitled goose game vibes to it
  • SteamPumkin
    SteamPumkin left a review
    Good fun! Enjoyed the end a lot.
  • surrounded_
    surrounded_ left a review
    That was supercute. The collectables provide just enough incentive to keep exploring, and I love how ridiculous he eventually looks in his "outfit".
  • franzeboy
    franzeboy left a review
    Charm around every corner! Adorable ❤️
  • ok_georgie
    ok_georgie left a review
    This is so charming, great work.
  • DeDefourkes
    DeDefourkes left a review
    This defines the words 'cute and whimsical'. It's fun to play and looks really stunning. Great job!
  • StinoAlpino
    StinoAlpino left a review
    Beautiful art style and grazy good animations. Definitely deserves a chefs kiss.

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