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In Fading Petrolia

By Teebonesy

  • xiaotufeifei
    xiaotufeifei left some feedback
  • schreppybroepke
    schreppybroepke left some feedback
    ...some errands in different quarters of Petrolia first, to get even more of a feeling for how run down this place is. This gave me huge "Oddworld" and "Beyond Good And Evil" vibes, and I would love to spend more time in this world!
  • schreppybroepke
    schreppybroepke left some feedback
    Having run through this again - and I've even managed to reach the exit this time ;-) - I think there are so many possible plot hooks: Stumbling into the hideout of an environmentalist group and becoming a part of their cause. Or maybe running... (1/2)
  • schreppybroepke
    schreppybroepke left some feedback
    Well, this has to be the most unconventional use of the Ancient Times assets I have seen so far! Brilliantly done -- and also a bit depressing, actually. This also seems like a pretty cool starting point for a game!
  • JedeyeSniv
    JedeyeSniv left some feedback
    Not sure what the 'game' is here but i really enjoyed looking around this world. It feels very alive and full of potential. Amazing visual flair and character.
  • username_redactd
    username_redactd left some feedback
    Nice Tim Burton vibes to it

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