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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.
2nd Annual Impy Awards Nominee: Best VR Experience


By sanderobros and 1 collaborator

3: Designed to play with Comfort Mode off
  • Melisorate
    Melisorate left a comment
  • I_Am_Epic_5
    I_Am_Epic_5 left a comment
  • MrFridunand
    MrFridunand left a comment
  • MatrixUpgrade
    MatrixUpgrade left a comment
    Earthquake and a Tidal wave, God really wants that city dead. Gotta respect the determination of the driver to finish the race anyway
  • Super_Deven
    Super_Deven left a comment
    Good job
  • Miami-inc
    Miami-inc left a comment
    Very nice
  • me1andmyhusband
    me1andmyhusband left a comment
    This game is my fav <3
  • GoddessOF_Hell_
    GoddessOF_Hell_ left a comment
    Well done
  • rari031
    rari031 left a comment
    Nice lol
  • Sangoku11_
    Sangoku11_ left a comment
    Good job
  • Godmonkce
    Godmonkce left a comment
    Brilliant game but on the 2nd lap with earthquakes it took me back to the tunnel and it had gone so i could not continue
  • tseratti
    tseratti left a comment
    Muito bom quem q criou tectonic e um mito
  • Silver__0w0
    Silver__0w0 left a comment
    Track reminds me of Splitseconds, very fun
  • Comment deleted
  • Stonesthrow
    Stonesthrow left a comment
    Reminds me of Motorstorm Apocalypse, my favorite racing game!
  • AsiKurt64
    AsiKurt64 left a comment
  • bero1910
    bero1910 left a comment
  • bero1910
    bero1910 left a comment
    Nice game
  • Fed0z10_
    Fed0z10_ left a comment
    Goood but you can do better
  • dizelh2o
    dizelh2o left a comment
    Персонажи интересные уровни интересные
    GHOST_RIDER87 left a comment
    Very nice
  • chokladapa
    chokladapa left a comment
    Hi i am me

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