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STAR WARS: A Clone's Story

By thesupertman

  • tacconitacconi
    tacconitacconi left a review
    4 weeks ago
    Great game, my problem is the shooting mecanics, there is too much recoil and the laser never goes where it is supposed, weapons actually feel like paintball, but great game anyway
  • fabrigamer5214
    fabrigamer5214 left a review
    a month ago
    First thing is the game feels a bit of a battle grind just going "battle" to trough "battle" without a real objective second the player feels very tanky never felt under treat if not at the first tank encounter...Then i fought 2 without problem...
  • AJBD831
    AJBD831 left a review
    2 months ago
    Fun to play around in.
  • TheDBZnerd
    TheDBZnerd left a review
    3 months ago
    Amazing stuff.
  • quinco10
    quinco10 left a review
    4 months ago
    This is the groundwork for one of the best Star Wars games I have played in my life. Gameplay feels like a hybrid of Commando and Battlefront 2, and I love it. I cant wait to see what you do in the future with ps5's massively increased thermo capacity.
  • KEB1001
    KEB1001 left a review
    7 months ago
    This is brilliant!
  • Optimus_Blaze27
    Optimus_Blaze27 left a review
    8 months ago
    I like this game.
  • parenting-XD
    parenting-XD left a review
    11 months ago
    One of those Dreams you can play for a long time, definitely love this and will be back for more IGN 8.5/10
  • Dani4273
    Dani4273 left a review
    11 months ago
    Dats good
  • PoorBOY001
    PoorBOY001 left a review
    11 months ago
    A surprise to be sure, but a welcomed one. This game is awesome!
  • jaybirdy1
    jaybirdy1 left a review
    11 months ago
    Top class, i am a Star Wars fan and loved it.
  • intruderalert69
    intruderalert69 left a review
    a year ago
    This game is a perfect example of what can be made with Dreams good gameplay great visuals but having that said needs some improvements like controls were a bit janky and stuff to lackluster but still a piece of art Can't wait for the future 8/10
  • Fps-Daveee
    Fps-Daveee left a review
    a year ago
  • ZiiT3x412
    ZiiT3x412 left a review
    a year ago
    Pls integrate lightsabers, so my dream can come true
  • velkakika
    velkakika left a review
    a year ago
    Amazing i love this!!!
  • eviearabella
    eviearabella left a review
    a year ago
    10/10 had a great time playing time
  • Carnivorous13
    Carnivorous13 left a review
    a year ago
    Very impressive but needs to have objective markers best game i've encountered so far good work
  • TPN_Hyper-X
    TPN_Hyper-X left a review
    a year ago
    I love it! Played for hours!
  • Zorros_51-Jr
    Zorros_51-Jr left a review
    a year ago
    Really good
  • ImDartos
    ImDartos left a review
    a year ago
    Very nice

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