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  • JayZero_PS
    JayZero_PS left a comment
    The story is very clear.
    The Robed were starving and were empty-handed, so they turn to theft and became exiled. They dreamed of a better life in the tropics above. They found a rope and figured that it could only bear the weight of the child...
  • Kete-15
    Kete-15 left a comment
  • alan_maro71
    alan_maro71 left a comment
    Me dejó pensando la historia. Muy bien narrada. El arte está a un nivel superior. Gracias por crearlo.
  • kcabe1
    kcabe1 left a comment
    This is why i love Dreams, so simple and yet unique and interesting, not the top graphics in the world, but art style more beautiful than some AAA Games.
    Great creation!
  • MayaLouise16
    MayaLouise16 left a comment
    Very powerful story
  • BigSloopy
    BigSloopy left a comment
    Still lost in thought after playin this. Very powerful images, style & story. Amazing
  • NinjaMicWZ
    NinjaMicWZ left a comment
    New to me. Wow. Heavy. If this were even just 5 hours long, the people who love Journey, Pathless, Abzu kinda stuff would lose their shiz. I love it.
  • Kebiinu
    Kebiinu left a comment
    This was reall~y good!!!
  • Coblish
    Coblish left a comment
    Very sad
  • Ravlar
    Ravlar left a comment
    Beautiful, sad message, which i also dig
  • Alpha-0821
    Alpha-0821 left a comment
    Ahh this moved me so unexpectedly at the end. Wonderful dream. Bravo! ^^
  • cloudrising9
    cloudrising9 left a comment
    I ice skated on the pond. I got hungry. I got banished and walked though the pines. Memories.
    Amazing. Just started to get into it when it ended. I'd love to see more!
  • Mjjolniiir
    Mjjolniiir left a comment
  • z_Mr_Cloud_z
    z_Mr_Cloud_z left a comment
    wait i think that pixar made something like this was it inspired by it?
  • Samuel_1
    Samuel_1 left a comment
    Beautiful abd evocative, well done.
  • Mezzyartiist
    Mezzyartiist left a comment
    3RD place let's GOOO
  • temp-9409007338
    temp-9409007338 left a comment
    Congratulations on getting 3rd place.
  • schreppybroepke
    schreppybroepke left a comment
    Congratulations on winning 3rd place in the jam! Very well deserved -- in fact, this was very much my personal favourite!
  • Teebonesy
    Teebonesy left a comment
    Fantastic. Loved seeing the dialogue so much. Beautiful work!
  • YT_Jcritical
    YT_Jcritical left a comment
    Amazing! Love the story and execution 😄
  • TheOneironaut
    TheOneironaut left a comment
    So elegantly animated, and great conveyance of dialogue through pictographs! So style. Very flounce.
  • SootyPinions
    SootyPinions left a comment
    This is amazing, beautiful art style! I'm a bit teary :'( such a wonderful story, i especially loved the daydreams of a better, happier place for them Also the character design was excellent!
  • dbell3d
    dbell3d left a comment
    Wow! This touched me much greater than I'd expected. Superb story and FX
  • Davidfalla37
    Davidfalla37 left a comment
    Excelente amigo ,tiene mucho potencial tu juego,me encanta la ambientación ,muy bien...
  • Slimjim_Dolee
    Slimjim_Dolee left a comment
    Wow, love the visual style, how did you make the flowing robes?

    The ending went by too quickly, you take such care with the narrative leading up to it, then suddenly the game starts over, would be great to use some pacing to let it sink in.
  • B-o-s-c-e
    B-o-s-c-e left a comment
    Supercool, love the characters and the ambience. kinda reminds me of another shortfilm called Wind, it's on Disney plus.

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