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Medieval City Building Sim (Work In Progress, Early Access)

By Prinz_Laser

  • Shiznie333
    Shiznie333 left a comment
    2 weeks ago
    This is fantastic! Do you think you'll continue developing this game or have decided to move on?
  • Gamerinio
    Gamerinio left a comment
    a year ago
    Great that it matters where you are building what.
  • MCalchemist42
    MCalchemist42 left a comment
    a year ago
  • PlagueOfHam
    PlagueOfHam left a comment
    a year ago
    This was awesome! It's so addicting, however, the firewatch workers seem to break in large numbers: they no longer individually returned to their posts, instead, they all ended up grouping together and standing idly when fires were put out.
    MYST_RP left a comment
    a year ago
    Realy nice and relaxing experience... until your village starts burning.
    Looking forward to future updates. The game is good and addictive. 👍
  • Lewdog13579
    Lewdog13579 left a comment
    a year ago
    Really solid game!

    The only problem I found is that the Firewatch buildings can't be demolished.
  • Sloth_Aura
    Sloth_Aura left a comment
    a year ago
    Would like a closer 2nd camera angle as option mapped to a button. Wasn't sure how long it would take to get things moving. I like the idea and will play more when updated. Thanks!!
  • MacForaday
    MacForaday left a comment
    a year ago
    This is so awesome! The controls are very intuitive and it's very addicting! I'm going to be playing this a lot!
  • Sono421
    Sono421 left a comment
    a year ago
    This is great! Had a good time building up my town, but I was very disappointed when I realized it doesn't save my city. Please add this feature

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