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SCARE: The Descent

By IINNER and 1 collaborator

Play this cinematic, Amnesia, RE7, and Outlast inspired horror adventure. You will go on a journey to simply survive in a world which is foiled by chaos that rips through the very fabric of time.
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With my SCARE series I will be writing short stories and making them acted out through first person perspective story telling.

The Descent is a story about beings from other dimensions wripping through space time. All while the same time, a person finds that for a parallel universe to exist, there must be a positive for every negative.

The character will run from the demons which pop into and out of existence, but can he run from him self?

There will also be branching narratives between 2 characters as they try to find eachother. Each hosting their own nightmares that you will experience.

Descend to Hell with my short story.


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