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Comedy Simulator

By Kissy_Face_Mwuh

  • Gamersatlast
    Gamersatlast left a comment
    Can you fix the game it doesn't work
  • DrNeverPullOut
    DrNeverPullOut left a comment
    Hey! Your game appeared in my Youtube video “I thought I was funny... | Comedy Simulator on Dreams”! I gave you credit so find it by searching your name! And please comment on the video so that I know that you saw it! Thanks for the game!
  • Lawloo-13
    Lawloo-13 left a comment
    How Do I Tell Jokes?
  • TorontoMayorMfu2
    TorontoMayorMfu2 left a comment
  • PGray_Official
    PGray_Official left a comment
    Not funny. Didn't laugh.
  • orionvalentine
    orionvalentine left a comment
    Put that down anywhere!
  • Kissy_Face_Mwuh
    Kissy_Face_Mwuh left a comment
    If you've experienced any issues with Comedy Simulator Stage 2, please see updated instructions at start of level
  • dylansbigplanet
    dylansbigplanet left a comment
    Oh no I dont have a mic please bless my soul
  • theattackofapes
    theattackofapes left a comment
    I pissed on his corpse
  • Rock_Mammal
    Rock_Mammal left a comment
    How to use mic on ps cam?
  • DarthDiggler0069
    DarthDiggler0069 left a comment
    How does it work?
  • BBlue_2
    BBlue_2 left a comment
    I totally bombed
  • Elm0b13ken2001
    Elm0b13ken2001 left a comment
    RIP didn't have a mic. That was one heck of an awkward silence..
  • KatPottz
    KatPottz left a comment
    You're a damn legend
  • mrk7_-
    mrk7_- left a comment
    "thIs CoMEeDiaN's AssAuLTiNg mE!" my favourite part, rofl
  • Shandybois
    Shandybois left a comment
  • cooperman2012
    cooperman2012 left a comment
    Put that down anywhere
  • SassySouthernGrl
    SassySouthernGrl left a comment
    Put that down anywhere!
  • GolddieLVFvmus
    GolddieLVFvmus left a comment
    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why is it so short
  • RaelExplodes
    RaelExplodes left a comment
    put dat doown AnYWhEEre Comedy gold
  • Terrier_Instinct
    Terrier_Instinct left a comment
    Uh-Put that down A N Y W H E R E .
  • obamafamilyacct2
    obamafamilyacct2 left a comment
    endless version please
  • FrvnkZ20
    FrvnkZ20 left a comment
    But yes it fixed now Thanks!
  • UglySofaLee
    UglySofaLee left a comment
    Hey I've included this Dream in a video called '35 Dreams in 6 minutes' please look for me on Youtube: Ugly Sofa Gaming Please consider liking the video so we can get more eyes back here. Love the level!

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