Get home from the bar

By Conballz

  • Jaeden2account
    Jaeden2account noticed a bug
    I fell through the floor when i got out of the bar
    7 months ago
  • Galacteasers
    Galacteasers noticed a bug
    Berkley help
    8 months ago
  • vdiddy123
    vdiddy123 noticed a bug
    Its not letting me play
    8 months ago
  • LoaFi132
    LoaFi132 noticed a bug
    Fell into an area next to a building that didn't have a floor. Uploaded pic of location.
    8 months ago
  • manuwan
    manuwan noticed a bug
    I'd love this level, it was so much fun to play, but there is a glitch were there was no floor, and it's so hard that i can't win the level, make this easier, please :/
    8 months ago
  • memes_pool
    memes_pool noticed a bug
    So i got home and i didn't understand what i was supossed to do, so i just went into the lighted doorway until i fell down, then i was sent back to the bar.Im confused
    8 months ago
  • Matt_Boss45
    Matt_Boss45 noticed a bug
    At start fell into table with a woman sitting and got stuck out of bounds and had to restart and later my character with 6 tries left randomly kept walking into a wall without me controling him
    8 months ago
  • Mr_Dan-0nymous
    Mr_Dan-0nymous noticed a bug
    Fell into postbox with 1 left. He just laid there chillin while clock carried on
    9 months ago
  • lazyZZZsleeper0
    lazyZZZsleeper0 noticed a bug
    I had 8 points left in darts and when it was my turn again the points didn't register ;( i got them all in the middle too!
    9 months ago
  • ravingrabb
    ravingrabb noticed a bug
    Make a respawn in the bar. I stuck in the table and fly out of map cause of bug :())
    9 months ago
  • YoungPicasso__
    YoungPicasso__ noticed a bug
    Walking home from the bar, I fell of a wall and couldn't get up with like 2 falls left, some animations are a bit glitched in the bar. Overall great concept:))
    9 months ago

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