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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

Shadows Dance at Olivetop Reach: A Little RPG

By Mandelbo

  • FARB123
    FARB123 left a comment
    Cool game
  • Hairyeagle12
    Hairyeagle12 left a comment
    Rather charming.
  • I1011010I
    I1011010I left a comment
    Love it.
  • Bannikure
    Bannikure left a comment
    Make more please
  • Bartosz155
    Bartosz155 left a comment
  • Gamedyl
    Gamedyl left a comment
  • BigSloopy
    BigSloopy left a comment
    with some more puzzles. So much of a quality base to build on, could create the game of the year!
  • BigSloopy
    BigSloopy left a comment
    Really nice game with an interesting graphic style. Enjoyable to play and makes you think to suss out the encounter tactics. Not sure I like the timed encounters. Makes you feel you can´t explore. What about expanding it to an explore & located encounter
  • Comment deleted
    L0LW0LFYT left a comment
    Tips for my own rpg
  • SushiDragoon848
    SushiDragoon848 left a comment
    hello good sir or mam, i am working on a dark fantasy horror game. All i want is tips to help me get started.
  • Onimenoneko
    Onimenoneko left a comment
    Battle UI gives little Persona vibe, i liked it:)
  • dwago1337
    dwago1337 left a comment
    Great job dude wish it was longer
  • yellowwindow7
    yellowwindow7 left a comment
    i liked the world and especially the music of the exploration part, really suited the mode, even though i'm not into turn base RPG's that much, especially the ones with the old school random encounter.
  • linkthedestroyer
    linkthedestroyer left a comment
    Very interesting
  • Yatshimaru
    Yatshimaru left a comment
  • bmanemokid
    bmanemokid left a comment
    Cool beans
  • joaoacc
    joaoacc left a comment
    Nice :)
  • MoebiuZ
    MoebiuZ left a comment
    Well done
  • Stibby_Stib
    Stibby_Stib left a comment
    Great game! More please
  • hfbvs
    hfbvs left a comment
  • ParanoidKidB
    ParanoidKidB left a comment
    Your work is absolutly amazing ! ( Perhaps, I would like to have an option to make icon hollow)
  • Helgardzage
    Helgardzage left a comment
    The soundtrack is breath taking
  • Bio-Aim
    Bio-Aim left a comment
    As soon as I loaded into the game i was hit with that music and i was like DAMN, loved the music
    myWITCHisWICKED_ left a comment
    this game is wonderful i love
  • Jannik_Sereinig
    Jannik_Sereinig left a comment
    Great Work!
  • xI3i0_HuNt3r-
    xI3i0_HuNt3r- left a comment
    Seen it a few times and never played it, however i decided to play it tonight and im glad to say it a excellent game.

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