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Community creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement, and inspiration.

I Don't Know Why

By FluffyNSassy

  • Pudazuka
    Pudazuka left a comment
    6 months ago
    Congrats on the Mm pick, Fluffy! It's such a beautiful song and touching video so it's well-deserved. Go get it kween!
  • kaytanna22
    kaytanna22 left a comment
    7 months ago
    Nomura once said, he creates his villains based on himself, then designs the hero to be the foil to overcome those parts him. Which is why my hero is the prince of a dying underworld that journeys to become a magical girl that fights with friendship.
  • RAKeogh
    RAKeogh left a comment
    7 months ago
    I love this one so much ❤️

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