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FNaC 4 'Forgotten Candy' Model Showcase

By Script-Kit

  • Crinoiid
    Crinoiid left a comment
    Love it love it great work keep it up
  • Comment deleted
  • Ez_Jay12
    Ez_Jay12 left a comment
    Imagine seeing a SKINLESS candy running at full speed to u
    MORGANGREY left a comment
    Ok can I just say something, This is really epic and I think it was an amazing idea. I hope for other things like this in the future. Good luck
  • ShadowMyst2239
    ShadowMyst2239 left a comment
    People thumbs up the creation, but don't FOLLOW YOU! FOLLOW Script-Kit!!!
  • ShadowMyst2239
    ShadowMyst2239 left a comment
    AWESOME!!! So acurate!
  • Comment deleted
  • Tedison_07
    Tedison_07 left a comment
  • darkwound637
    darkwound637 left a comment
    I love him so much
  • MetalAlexARK
    MetalAlexARK left a comment
  • frosted-swarm2
    frosted-swarm2 left a comment
    Hello thier
  • GrayfistED
    GrayfistED left a comment
  • Purpleshadow56
    Purpleshadow56 left a comment
    Insanely good detail. Any tips

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