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Top 25% in the coMmunity jam: 'Tiny Worlds'

Nick, Nora and the Secret of the Pirate Island

By Konsolenquaeler

Child-friendly pirate game (30 min.). Relaxing exploration-/collecting-game with many secrets. Also suitable for older explorers!
I dedicate this dream to my adorable little friends Nick and Nora. Her untamed imagination inspired me for this project.
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For some years now I've been telling fairy tales and bedtime stories to a friend's two children, so I'm a fairy tale uncle :-)

The stories are about pirates, undiscovered islands, huge gold treasures and the exciting adventures of two siblings.

At some point I wanted to surprise Nick (6) and Nora (4), these are the names of the kids, with their own adventure game about them and based on my stories. I discovered Dreams from Media Molecule and the beginning of a long-cherished wish came true.

It started on a vacation by the sea: I sketched places and regions where Nick and Nora could act - an island with many locations and hidden secrets. Then I made a more detailed drawing of the island with trails, caves, bays, forests, hills and mountains. That was my basis for the first 3D landscape models in Dreams. Finally, I immersed the island in a charming atmosphere through many details (partly created by myself, partly with the support of many dreamers).

I am very excited to see how the two children react to their game and the fact that they are the protagonists in this game.

It’s my first self-made game on dreams, so keep your fingers crossed :-)


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