P.T. (VR Compatible)

By lewisc729

VR compatibleVR rating 2
  • callygamer_Yt
    callygamer_Yt left a comment
    Can someone tell me why im scared of everything i was not scared of anything couple of weeks ago now im scared of everything help please
    2 weeks ago
  • PatrolOfParrots
    Having the same problem
    4 weeks ago
  • LoGiCaLgAmEr-wia
    LoGiCaLgAmEr-wia left a comment
    Great stuff! 2 minutes in and already scared to progress further lol. You don't mind if I play this for a YouTube video later this year?
    a month ago
  • MIbrahimK0161
    MIbrahimK0161 left a comment
    Too scary for me but well made
    a month ago
  • EvanPenguin
    EvanPenguin left a comment
    Absolutely Epic
    a month ago
  • davidounetwiiu
    davidounetwiiu left a comment
    Just curious, is it full PT or just a part of the released version? I ask because I've never played PT and this looks awesome!!
    a month ago
    ANGUAWOLF_FL replied
    Not really supposed to. Nothing needed to progress.
    2 months ago
    ANGUAWOLF_FL replied
    True, but wait a bit and it goes away and you can progress. Just walk back to the first door
    2 months ago
  • Cannabi4Stone
    I seem too have understood how to progress - I've waited for the hand to be gone by standing close to it for some time and after it's gone, I've come to the entrance. And then the door oppened.
    2 months ago
  • BlankMirror5250
    If your using motion controllers they dont work you need the DUALSHOCK4 to interact
    2 months ago
  • FerbCosplay
    FerbCosplay left a comment
    Damn scary in VR. Thanks for updating this. I wish Silent Hills happened.
    2 months ago
  • DrJones20
    DrJones20 replied
    Powerflood This is a remake of the Silent Hills demo called P.T. Silent Hills was cancelled, but I have made my own Silent Hills game which explore how the game could have been like. You will get the backstory there.
    2 months ago
  • JovanexYT
    JovanexYT left a comment
    I played this in VR... And This is scary asf
    2 months ago
  • baconsoup_gamer
    baconsoup_gamer left a comment
    Is this the full released version
    2 months ago
  • JTanner2026
    JTanner2026 left a comment
    # <clue>*WOW*
    2 months ago
  • BrunoBueno57
    BrunoBueno57 left a comment
    Good job
    2 months ago
  • Silencieuxpredat
    Silencieuxpredat left a comment
    I don't understand the rules of the game . The horror ambient It's cool
    3 months ago
  • MooniniteGuy
    MooniniteGuy left a comment
    Does anybody know what to do after the door closes in part 2?
    3 months ago

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