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Community creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement, and inspiration.

"Stranded"(Music video)

By GrimPinata136

  • simple_sleep
    simple_sleep left a comment
    a day ago
    What a cool animation, what with a twist at the ending!
  • Purpleshadow56
    Purpleshadow56 left a comment
    3 months ago
    This song is so good, I love the vocals. The music is so good. The atmosphere is unique. The world feels so surreal. One of the best songs on Dreams. I also like the easter eggs. Like connie.
  • TheStalkingDread
    TheStalkingDread left a comment
    3 months ago
    Fantastic! I loved every minute of this. Great song/great video!
  • TheOneironaut
    TheOneironaut left a comment
    3 months ago
    So excellent
  • Glokthar
    Glokthar left a comment
    3 months ago
    Quel imagination, c est tellement beau <3
  • Pudazuka
    Pudazuka left a comment
    3 months ago
    You perfectly captured the feel of the song. It's one of my favourites so I'm really happy. Amazing music video.

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