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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.
1st Annual IMPY Awards Nominee: Best Sound Design
Top 10 in the coMmunity jam: 'Night (or Day) at the Museum'

The Ornithologist's Private Collection

By mattizzle1

  • SniperZezo_
    SniperZezo_ left a comment
    4 days ago
  • biggen14169
    biggen14169 left a comment
    a month ago
    My achievements/Hoarder/King/Queen/Score 666
  • T-mac210
    T-mac210 left a comment
    a month ago
    In VR its chilling. Thank you <3
  • badkittysab
    badkittysab left a comment
    2 months ago
    Bravo! 10/10
  • ASmotherman
    ASmotherman left a comment
    3 months ago
    Nice I guess.
  • DragicFire27
    DragicFire27 left a comment
    3 months ago
    Pretty cool. I actuality appreciate the amount of effort that went into this
  • dj__luc1d-ttv
    dj__luc1d-ttv left a comment
    3 months ago
    Great work! Just wish there was something more from the feet behind the curtain. Like a person jumpscare! IMO 8/10
  • Dr_Blake_
    Dr_Blake_ left a comment
    3 months ago
    Why do the dolls jumpscare you? That's like having the papers in slender jumpscare you.
  • cactus-in-peace
    cactus-in-peace left a comment
    4 months ago
    good idea but a big amount of cliches ruined the horror imo
    but the graphical and technical realization here is very good, loved it
  • 4 months ago
    Comment deleted
  • 4 months ago
    Comment deleted
  • x1-rigosavag1400
    x1-rigosavag1400 left a comment
    5 months ago
    Dis gud
  • SupaCheekClappa
    SupaCheekClappa left a comment
    6 months ago
    If anyone is as dumb as i am, one of keys is in the chest cavity in front of the tv. Took me an hour to find.
  • SiiNaRo02
    SiiNaRo02 left a comment
    8 months ago
    Good job
  • zombie_guy_18
    zombie_guy_18 left a comment
    9 months ago
    Its scary
  • G-springy-
    G-springy- left a comment
    9 months ago
    Anyone notice the body under the curtains in the anatomy room?

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