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The brothers in plumbing super show!

By Thebigpier

this is a platform adventure inspired to a famous iconic platform game, and his tv show of the 80's i try to do something original without violating copyright laws.
Will you be able to save the world from king boomer's evil plans?
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The character's that i made are just inspired by their original versions, and I have not used names present in those works, obviously I am so careful because don't want to see remove my work from mm for copyright reasons after hours and hours of sculpting, level design and creation of logic .

The levels that I will propose will be partly creations of my fantasy and partly inspired by classic levels that I loved coming from great games of the past.

The gameplay structure of these levels will work in a fairly classic way, there will always be a golden door that will allow you to reach the central hub and you will need to get all the silver coins scattered throughout the levels to buy the key that opens that door.

If you collect all the bronze coins in the level you will get a prize bubble and the gold coins will work as a score, the billboard you need to check if you want to see your score will be the one called the big money.

The others are a typos of the old versions of this adventure (I made many of them and I don't know how to remove the old score billboards.)


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