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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.
3rd Annual Impy Awards Winner: Most Original Gameplay


By EntropyTamed

  • SluFoot_48
    SluFoot_48 left a comment
    Nicely done
  • JayZero_PS
    JayZero_PS left a comment
    This is a unique concept if I've ever seen one! It's like Scrabble, making different words. What does pressing X do, and why can't I pull that rope? Kinda wacky and fun, so I really like it. Great work!
  • Alpha-0821
    Alpha-0821 left a comment
    Beat it! What an original creation. Thank you!
  • Garnox__
    Garnox__ left a comment
    Im too dumb for this game
  • dfisher8319
    dfisher8319 left a comment
    When you can't figure out the first puzzle is all I am thinking lol.
  • VarriRaptor
    VarriRaptor left a comment
    Great game! I'd love to see more levels.
  • JettMcfarlane67
    JettMcfarlane67 left a comment
    Awesome creation!
  • Jester-876
    Jester-876 left a comment
    That was fun!
  • Futurecloud
    Futurecloud left a comment
    Congrats on the Impy nomination!
  • ineap09
    ineap09 left a comment
  • randjosh
    randjosh left a comment
  • Kieratticus
    Kieratticus left a comment
    Wow, I finally figured it out to the end. Very clever word game, dare I say, IMPressive? :D
  • DoubreRucky
    DoubreRucky left a comment
    How do I move my imp? When I release it, it stays stuck in the middle of the screen and I can only move the word. Please help.
  • fishyou04
    fishyou04 left a comment
    I got stuck on the second puzzle. Can someone help me
  • TheStalkingDread
    TheStalkingDread left a comment
    Really clever idea. Neat concept & well executed!
  • spartan-croak1
    spartan-croak1 left a comment
    I get past the 3rd level
  • Sprattla-Art
    Sprattla-Art left a comment
    Cool puzzle idea!
  • isaacjw696
    isaacjw696 left a comment
    What do you do after you pull the curtains at the start?
  • Cassowary_Gaming
    Cassowary_Gaming left a comment
    Highly original and perfect for Dreams, bravo!
  • brandon-bhoy
    brandon-bhoy left a comment
    I have no idea on how to solve this...
  • Gamerpro24hour1
    Gamerpro24hour1 left a comment
    Wow as a one word jam, i am fully impressed.
    I hope you win, this was so clever.
  • elpasa
    elpasa left a comment
    A brilliant game , please more
  • MCalchemist42
    MCalchemist42 left a comment
  • SebastianTeamPD
    SebastianTeamPD left a comment
    Quality job! As always ^^
  • TRIX9
    TRIX9 left a comment
    I am dumb
  • CheekiiBoom
    CheekiiBoom left a comment
    Excellent! Super fun :)
  • Conheaton1111
    Conheaton1111 left a comment
    This is so dang clever! Loved this

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