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By scarybiscuit

  • SuperLuk3678
    SuperLuk3678 left a comment
    Amazing FPS game. Enjoyed it!!
  • linkthedestroyer
    linkthedestroyer left a comment
    Absolutely incredible
  • DrJones20
    DrJones20 left a comment
    This reminds me of a level you made in LBP3.
  • drdbanner
    drdbanner left a comment
    Need option to invert vertical look
  • fotorama
    fotorama left a comment
    Holey baloney
  • glennTbone
    glennTbone left a comment
  • RaptorPrinter
    RaptorPrinter left a comment
    Ship shape!
  • TheAugustWon
    TheAugustWon left a comment
    This is Cool . But you should remove the S from the title
  • thirsty12345
    thirsty12345 left a comment
    Cool atmosphere and UI. How tall is the player though? Id change the height cause feels like i am sliding on the floor and the bots are giants.

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