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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.
2nd Annual Impy Awards Nominee: Best Gameplay


By donut_mutt

3: Designed to play with Comfort Mode off
  • I_Am_Epic_5
    I_Am_Epic_5 left a comment
    KSA_THE_BOSS_TF left a comment
    Sasquatch, MIND BLOWING GAME!
  • Haloguy147908
    Haloguy147908 left a comment
    Its good!
  • CapnAwesome8181
    CapnAwesome8181 left a comment
    Sasquatch. Great game!
  • Trebor2076
    Trebor2076 left a comment
    What are ya buyin?
  • delian1011
    delian1011 left a comment
  • SoulDeads
    SoulDeads left a comment
    there is a glitch where if your in a savezone which make you unable to hit if you keep pressing the attack button you will charge the super easily i hope others dont abuse the glitch but i wanted to make the dev know
  • Ivo-Elvi
    Ivo-Elvi left a comment
    Sasquatch gang :D
  • delian1011
    delian1011 left a comment
  • VectorSlinger
    VectorSlinger left a comment
    Excellent, sasquatch!
  • gegeluk
    gegeluk left a comment
    Sasquatch please.
  • chlewizz
    chlewizz left a comment
    How do i armor
    Sori for bad england
    CHROME-COLOSSUS left a comment
    Real polished and fun! Thanks for allowing VR play... Only crit is lack of ability to rotate view.
  • Usuhola9
    Usuhola9 left a comment
    Sasquatch !
  • Magawaan
    Magawaan left a comment
    I can't believe I'm the first, but: SASQUATSCH ;)
    Now for some (minor) issues and bugs:
    - Items are a bit too agile when flying out of enemies imo, lost a lot in the sewers in the pits.
    - The shield generating equipment affects mines, pushing them around
  • Bartosz155
    Bartosz155 left a comment
  • GramarN
    GramarN left a comment
    I love the weapons in this game
  • Makk_Gra
    Makk_Gra left a comment
    The alt weapons are great. I especially like the bomb!
  • donut_mutt
    donut_mutt left a comment
    You blade now does tripple damage so its definitely worth throwing out into a crowd!
    Bad guys definitely drop the note pages upon returning to the mansion. (after saving Maguffin speak to him near the workbench in town).
  • ChrisHighwind
    ChrisHighwind left a comment
    Tried to play the latest update, but I keep looping at the spawn point in the town.
  • Makk_Gra
    Makk_Gra left a comment
    I like the difficulty balance adjustment. This game is way more challenging now at the beginning.
  • Makk_Gra
    Makk_Gra left a comment
    Came back after a long absence and this game is just as fun as I remembered.
  • GweenE447
    GweenE447 left a comment
  • inward_debate2
    inward_debate2 left a comment
    I dont know why it didn't get firts place
    POETGUY left a comment
    Amazingly fun game! Very cool music also. :)
  • Kroostybat
    Kroostybat left a comment
    Nice job done here, grats !
  • Gueshtoupai
    Gueshtoupai left a comment
    Really nice game ! A lot of farming and pleasant gaming hours ! Spiders are deliciously horrible ^_^ Nice mob and abilities for spiders !
  • Comment deleted
  • Makk_Gra
    Makk_Gra left a comment
    I just played the mansion levels some more and I love the atmosphere! It is very repetitive though. Some more variety and it will be a masterpiece!

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